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Patented oxygen facial jet technology.

High-tech Oxygen-Modules for the perfect oxygen skin care treatment of Face and Body without needles. Gentle, effective and safe! Experience pain-free and side-effect-free cosmetic rejuvenation with oxygen skin care treatment and Nora Bode’s premier OXYJet Oxy Facial Kit Machine.

Tailored to address various cosmetic concerns, our treatments offer remarkable benefits. Depending on the chosen formulation, wrinkles are smoothed, pigmentation spots lightened, and blemishes gently diminished, leaving a lasting positive impact on your skin. The infusion of oxygen revitalises your skin, providing a renewed sense of energy and vitality. These are just a few of the many advantages of oxygen jet facial treatments!

About OXYJet Leo

Our Oxy Facial Kit Machine facilitates the natural penetration of specialized formulations. Using pulsed oxygen jet facial pressure, active ingredients are delicately transported deep into the skin's layers through the natural spaces between cells, ensuring a pain-free experience. Your skin remains unharmed throughout this process, promising optimal results without discomfort.

Nora Bode’s Oxyjet machine administers active ingredients with varying degrees of pressure, ensuring precise delivery deep into the skin. Experience the benefits of oxygen skin care treatment without the need for needles or syringes.

For further information on Nora Bode’s OXYJet Oxy Facial Kit Machine or enquiries regarding oxygen skin care treatment, contact us here.

Applicators & Functions


The oxygen deep cleansing

Pure, concentrated oxygen and OXYclear Lotion cleanse the skin gently and thoroughly.

At the same time Bio Blue Light calms the skin and supports the oxygen’s anti irritant and anti-bacterial effects.


The oxygen diamond peeling

Pure, concentrated oxygen and diamond peel heads in various grain size remove cornifications and stimulate the skin.

For intensive cleansing and regeneration of the skin.


The pulsed oxygen pressure injection

Concentrated active ingredients, tailored to individual skin needs, are pulsed deeply into the skin using oxygen pressure. This creates a deposit in the deep skin layers, promoting skin plumping and delivering rapid visible results.


The oxygen face lift

The unique poly-rotation massage in combination with pure, concentrated oxygen, Bio Blue and Red Light stimulates the skin and tightens face muscles and skin tissue.

OXYtone disk

The intensive oxygen massage

The very intensively acting massage head, pure concentrated oxygen and Bio Red Light stimulate the subcutaneous tissue and help to tighten sagging parts of the face, for example a double chin.


The cool oxygen lift

The combination of cold, pure concentrated oxygen and effect ampoule tightens the skin, reduces swellings and inflammations.

This effects a fine-pored, rosy complexion and lifted face contours.


The oxygen spray treatment

The gentle breeze of oxygen and active ingredients reduces irritations after microdermabrasion, micro needling or laser treatments. Wound healing is enhanced.