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Smooth out wrinkles with pulsed oxygen pressure injection. Gentle, effective and safe! Read more >


The Oxyjet preparations to take home

Exclusive cosmetics for any skin problem. The best that nature and high-tech can provide. Read more >


Light and concentrated Oxygen

Natural Beautifier in a unique combination. Fresher. Smoother. More Radiant.  Read more >



volume booster

The weapon against waning tension, sagging facial contours and wrinkles.
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Age Control Fluid

Balances the consequences of hormonal changes in mature skin.
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NORA BODE Skin Refiner Tonic | OXYJET UK

Skin Refiner Tonic

Alpha-hydroxy-fruit acids and healing herbal extracts to refine skin appearance.
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BEAUTYTOX Fast Response Cream | OXYJET UK

splendid fast response cream

Reduces expression lines and increases the skin elasticity around the eyes and forehead area.
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INTACT Concentrate | OXYJET UK

perfect eye zone concentrate

Eye care concentrate with deswelling, smoothing and lightening effect.
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OXYJET UK: Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment

“The evolution of man is the success story of Oxygen for more than 1,000,000,000 years.   The BODE OXYJET is the hightech oxygen system for Beauty & Wellbeing in its ultimate form — make it yours, from today!”


OXYJET UK are the UK’s supplier of Nora Bode’s leading OXYJET oxygen therapy treatment. Oxygen facial treatments and oxygen therapy facials are quickly becoming an increasingly popular non-invasive facial treatment across the UK, and Nora Bode’s OXYJET machines are at the forefront of this new trend!


As we age, the vessels carrying oxygen and nutrients to our face degenerate, so the supply of oxygen and nutrients is depleted to the skin cells, as a result the cell division slows significantly and in turn the skin becomes thinner, dry, wrinkled and in some cases unevenly pigmented. This is where Nora Bode’s OXYJET products come in! An Oxygen facial treatment or oxygen therapy facial helps to deliver microencapsulated oxygen, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and moisturisers, visibly improving the skin.


Nora Bode’s OXYJET Oxygen therapy and oxygen facial treatments are the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin, leaving your skin in perfect condition with no damage at all! Discover more about Oxygen therapy and oxygen facials today…


If you would like to find out more about OXYJET oxygen therapy or if you are looking to experience an oxygen facial treatment for yourself, then why not get in touch with OXYJET UK today. OXYJET UK are the UK’s only supplier of Nora Bode’s OXYJET oxygen therapy facial machine. To get in touch with OXYJET UK simply fill in our contact form, email us at: enquiries@oxyjetuk.co.uk, or call us on 01775 722243, and a member of our team will be happy to help! Discover the effectiveness of OXYJET oxygen facial and oxygen therapy today…

Oxygen – The Elixir of Life

Without oxygen there is no human life on earth. All our vital functions depend on a sufficient supply of oxygen to our body cells, so that nutrients and vital substances can be converted into energy.


Without oxygen the formation of the energy reservoir ATP is not possible – a catastrophe to the cell!


Of course this also applies to our skin cells: They also need to be supplied with energy constantly in order to have the best results.


The epidermis is a particularly active part of the skin, especially its deepest cell layer, the stratum germinativum with its basal lamina.


This is the place where cell division and growth of the surface skin take place, important immunological processes occur and not least the formation of the skin colouring melanin occurs in the localised melanocytes.


The dermis below is playing an important role in the skin’s aging process. Collagen and Hyaluronic acid structures are formed there, which make our skin appear tight and youthfully smooth because of their water binding capacity.


Young skin does not suffer from lack of energy, its epidermis is adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients through the blood vessels of the dermis. It appears fresh and vital.


Older skin is badly supplied with blood, the microcapilleries of the dermis have degenerated and are no longer in the position to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells.


The result: Cell division slows down significantly, the skin becomes thinner, dry and wrinkled, and the skin pigmentation becomes irregular.


The solution: The unique combination of hightech – oxygen and highly effective cosmetic formulations.

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