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Beauty-tox Splendid Fast Response Cream

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The latest in cosmetic technology to relax muscles and boost collagen formation to diminish lines and wrinkles. for all skin types.

High concentrated cream for the treatment of the problem areas on forehead, around the eyes and mouth. Reduces and prevents mimic lines, slows down the degeneration of the skin’s own collagen and stimulates its renewal. It provides an optical wrinkle reduction because of its content of light reflecting pigments. Free from parabens and mineral oil. With a fresh scent.

About Beauty-Tox

Introducing Beauty-Tox, the secret to the youthful radiance.

Beauty-Tox is renowned for gently diminishing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. Targeting common concerns like "crow's feet," forehead furrows, and reduced skin elasticity, Beauty-Tox preparations feature an exclusive cocktail of ingredients, including unique peptides and plant hormones, precisely formulated to revitalize the skin and provide a fresher, more youthful appearance.