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FAQs - OXYJet Leo & Technical Information

What treatments can the OXYjet Leo perform?

The OXYjet Leo can perform the following:

  • Oxygen Deep Cleansing (OXYclear)
  • Oxygen-Pressure Injection (OXYjet)
  • Oxygen Face Lift (OXYtone)
  • Oxygen Cool Lift (CRYO2)
  • Oxygen-Spray Treatment (OXYspray)
  • Oxygen-Inhalation (OXYaroma)
  • Microdermabrasion (OXYdiamond)

How do I select the best cosmetic range from the 5 you offer?

All of the ranges are interchangeable depending on the demands of your client’s skin. All the answers in this document are applicable to all the products, here is an overview:

Beauty Tox – this is the original OXYjet range and is suitable for all skin types. These products contain special peptides to smooth expression lines and stimulate the formation of Hyaluronic Acid. The formula also contain plant hormones which leave the complexion with a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Intact – formulated for slimmer faces which typically show the signs of aging earlier due to the lower amount of subcutaneous adipose tissue degenerating. This causes a decisive change to the face’s form and expression with lips losing volume and the face the contours sagging due to the missing plumpness which makes the skin appear tight and smooth. Intact products use plant ingredients able to stimulate the synthesis of lipids in the deep layers of the skin and by that enhances the natural plumpness.

Ceromone – Created for post-menopausal skin in which the decrease of estrogen significantly contributes to the hormonal aging of the skin. Intact products use plant extracts containing phyto-estrogens, in particular the isoflavones from Soy Beans which have the highest content. These improve the thickness and elasticity in the skin, reduce dryness and wrinkle depth.

Absolute Effects – these cocktails of active ingredients are the optimal problem solver for all skin types. Select the best suited to target the client’s skin condition or issue from these intensively moisturising, oil free formulas.

Perfections- Unlock the Secret to Deeper Skincare. Experience the magic of OXYJet Perfections, where science meets beauty to deliver flawless results and unlock the secret to deeper skincare. Whether you're at the salon or in the comfort of your own home, join the skincare revolution and discover the power of advanced skincare like never before. Achieve radiant, youthful skin with OXYJet Perfections. All products in the Perfections range are Vegan and Cruelty-free.

Can the special cosmetic formulations penetrate the skin using just the Oxygen Spray Treatment?

No, that isn’t possible. The OXYspray treats the surface of the skin whilst the OXYjet Oxygen Pressure Injection works with a closed Oxygen nozzle and extra pulsations.

How deeply do the serums enter the skin?

Most products only moisturise the top “dead” skin layers, however with the use of the OXYjet system, special active ingredients penetrate the deep living “basal” layers in as little as 2 minutes.

What is the ‘Biomatrix’?

This is the substance which bonds the cells together, a mixture of fatty acids consisting mainly of Linolacic, Linolinic and Gamma Linolic Acid; precious acids that the body either produces or needs to have supplied plus a water soluble mix of Lactic Acid, urea, minerals and amino acids.

What is OXYspray?

A gentle way to supply the surface layers of the skin with Oxygen and active ingredients.

What are the benefits of OXYspray?

It improves cell metabolism, increases immune activity and improves circulation. It also has a positive healing effect on pustules and inflammations and improves healing after microdermabrasion and acid peels.

Can the OXYjet treatments be compared cosmetic injections or Hyaluronic Acid?

It is comparable as the OXYjet pressure pulsed action has been scientifically proven to push principle substances into the deepest layers of the skin safely, effectively and without pain. Concerning the effects, the optimal results just take a little longer. The real advantage compared to cosmetic injections is the regenerating effect.

Is the OXYjet system scientifically tested?

The OXYjet system and products are laboratory tested at the Frauenhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik using ‘PermaSkin’, which are human skin samples from plastic surgery. The internationally renowned Cornwall Dermatology Research Institute, Peninsula Medical School in Truro has confirmed that the penetration of active ingredients is increased by up to 3 times in the treatment of skin cancer nodes by the use of the original OXYJET.

Why is it Oxygen and not just air shooting special formulations into the skin?

Oxygen has many advantages for the skin. Mature, degenerated skin with poor blood circulation cannot deliver enough Oxygen and nutrients to the germinative layer epidermis. This results in decelerated cell division, thin, dry and wrinkled skin. Oxygen acts as the energy supplier and the medium to transport active ingredients. Bochum University found that the dermal and epidermal layers are exclusively supplied by oxygen externally.

What is OXYaroma?

Breathing Oxygen with essential oils to enhance beauty and vitality.

What are the benefits of OXYdiamond?

It uses Oxygen and not air, therefore guarding against inflammations and irritations, and feeds and heals the skin. Ageing skin is exfoliated to reveal soft, smoother skin and the basal layer is stimulated. Impure skin is released from hyperkeratosis. Scar tissue is removed and gradually replaced by new tissue. Age spots can gradually be improved.

Can Oxygen in this high concentration cause harm?

Pure Oxygen could potentially cause problems (dizziness etc) if inhaled for many hours. However, an inhalation using a breathing mask lasting 15-20 minutes only brings about advantages. When used on the skin using the OXYjet Leo there are only advantages.