Intact Perfect Eye Zone Concentrate 15ml


The eye area needs special and consequent care. Intact perfect eye zone concentrate smoothes and defines the area around the eyes immediately after application.


The refined structure of the skin’s surface is clearly visible after five minutes, and continues to work for a better result after an hour.


The tightening effect on the skin can lead to a highly significant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles… The skin appears smooth and lifted.


Your eye area appears fresher and more youthful, the delicate skin gains new firmness and elasticity!


A multi active concentrate for the eye area. Tightens and smoothes the delicate skin area around the eyes. Reduces expression lines, stimulates the skin’s own collagen synthesis and softens swelling and dark under eye circles. Free from oils, preservatives and fragrance.


Application: The special concentrate should be applied mornings and evenings. Apply a small amount of concentrate on upper and lower eyelids. Distribute by gently tapping followed by cream or fluid. One multi dosage ampoule contains enough product for at least one week!

Active Components

  • Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice
  • Flavonoids
  • Peptides
  • Chrysin

TIP: The ampoules are optimal for your hand bag! Apply some drops occasionally to the upper and lower lid and pad in gently.


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