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FAQs - Homecare Products & Advice

How does the elasticity of the skin return?

By the regenerating effects, for example, the substance Matrixyl stimulates the skin’s own supporting tissue.

Why is it necessary to use homecare products?

The Homecare products are an essential part of the treatment. They help to maintain the results achieved by the OXYjet.

Are the Nora Bode products just made for mature skin?

The Nora Bode collecyions cover all ages and skin types including mature and prematurely ageing skin, hyper pigmentation, acne or impure skin and sensitivity.

How often do I have to use the products a day?

Apply daily, morning and evening.

How often do I have to use the products a day?

To obtain an optimal treatment result it is necessary to use the Nora Bode products, which are specifically aligned to each other. They stabilize the result and guarantee a long lasting improvement of the skin. This intensive treatment is a combination of Salon and Homecare. The Nora Bode homecare products provide a barrier against secretion of active ingredients and are essential for long-term effects.

What are the other benefits of the Nora Bode product range?

This revolutionary treatment range offers truly effective and safe solutions for every skin problem, including acne and impure skin and hyper pigmentation.

Can wrinkles or other skin problems, for example pigmented lesions be treated at the same time?

Yes, of course. Depending on the skin area, different serums can be applied and pulsed into the skin.

Are the products tested on animals?

No, Nora Bode / OXYJet UK do not test on animals.