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      The Oxyjet System started as a prototype for improving distribution into patients’ sensitive skin, helping people get the treatment they need. It yielded incredible results straight away, soon the Oxyjet progressed and the company Nora Bode was formed. Nora Bode developed the Oxyjet for the natural cosmetic field, providing high quality Oxygen therapy that can be catered for an individual’s skin requirements.


      Though designed and made in Germany, the Oxyjet has fast gained popularity due to its effectiveness as a skin rejuvenation treatment and has spread to the UK where you can experience the wonderful oxygen skin rejuvenation treatment that is fit to your needs. Oxyjet UK is the UK’s supplier of Nora Bode’s Oxyjet products.


      Alongside the Oxyjet we offer many fabulous skincare and cosmetic products for you to use in your own personal regime.


      On this page you can find a salon offering Oxyjet treatments nearest to you. Use the search options and the map to discover all the salons that have our Oxyjet products and Oxyjet treatment rooms. Here you can also find directions for you to reach these salons.


      If you would like to get in touch, please fill out our contact form, email us at or call us on 01775 722243. Our team will be happy to help out.


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