OXYJET Kosmetik was founded  in 1994 in Hohenstein by its both managing directors Jutta and Lothar Bode. Focusing on the treatment of skin sick patients in his naturopathic practice, Lothar Bode had been searching for a method by which he could improve the penetration of anti-inflammatory drugs into the sensitive, sick skin. Of course this should work in a safe and painfree way, as many of his patients had been little children with ekzema and neurodermitis. Finally all his tests and trials ended in the invention and development of the pulsed oxygen pressure injection.

At this time the pharmacist and chemist Jutta Bode produced the preparations for the treatment of the sick skin in the adjoining laboratory and developed individual formulations for every single patient.
The enthusiasm of the patients for the creams and lotions had been immense. Not only inflammations and impurities had been eased, the patients were pleased with smoother and firmer skin. Over time this resulted in the development of high quality cosmetic formulations.

Today this has developed that only ingredients with proven efficiancy and safe are used. All the formulations are principally free from parabens, animal originated ingredients and mineral oils.



In order to meet this objective OXYJET Kosmetik tracks the actual trends on the raw material markets worldwide and with their knowledge and experience  develop  exclusive product lines for its discerning clientele.

First signs of skin ageing, volume loss, sagging face contours, pigmentation irregularities, impure skin and more…. there is a choice of exclusive preparations for any skin type or skin problem, which meet the individual’s actual needs.

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